I absolutely love my "I've Been Set Free" necklace from Dear Heart Designs. The quality is great, the price is completely fair, and the customer service is so wonderful and personal. Nichole's generosity with her business is beautiful and contributes to my being a repeat customer. I purchased my necklace because over the past few years, I've been struggling with getting myself out of the way so that God could answer my prayer of changing and molding me. I found myself so often in a state of self-pity, overcome by sadness at how miserably I seemed to be failing at everything. I've frequently described it as a feeling of drowning. God gently and patiently and frequently kept reminding me that through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus, I've been set free from the things that I was allowing to affect my days. Jesus set us free from sin, and I was choosing to remain a slave to laziness, self-pity, and self-centeredness. I've been set free! During my lowest times, I would look back at scriptures and notes written in my notebook to help me regain focus, but it's not exactly practical to carry around and consult a notebook 24/7, so I bought my necklace! God uses it every day to remind me that I've been set free and daily decisions, great or small, need to be made based on that Truth rather than the lies that once enslaved me, looking toward Him and bringing Him glory through my life! PLUS, people ask me what my necklace means, and I get to tell them about freedom in Jesus!!! I mean, beautiful jewelry that helps me grow in Him and serves as an ice-breaker for sharing the Gospel? That's a win-win-win!

-Jess Clark, Mississippi



I have the beauty from ashes sweatshirt and I love the size, quality and design.  More than the structure of the sweatshirt, I love the message it sends.  I know that we are all a work in progress and in the process we are made beautiful.  I used to think growing up that I didn't have a testimony because I was the "good kid." But as an adult, I've learned that the choices I've made may have not been the easiest, but have given me a platform to speak to young girls about the choices they make.  My testimony of being a "good kid" is helping to reach young girls.  I love that from every situation or circumstance beautiful things can come.  Thank you for a great price of clothing that is a sweet reminder.

-Jennifer Stolley, California


I received my necklace as a gift while going through my divorce. My cousin lets me pick it out and I went back and forth between courage dear heart and you can do hard things.. My husband and I got married almost three years ago now and I loved him! We had a beautiful wedding I loved his family we worked hard I put everything into my marriage about two years later in our way home from a vacation he told me he did not love me anymore.. It was a shocker!! And the next few months were hard we tried to work on it with counseling but he was done.. The next 6 months we were still married but he no longer lives with me and it was in that time my cousin let me pick a piece from your shop.. I went with the you can do hard things because this is the hardest thing I have ever gone through and I needed that little reminder everyday that yes with God as my father I got this!!! I found a new relationship with the Lord during this time and and continue to grow in Him but there are still days where it's hard. But I can look down and see the words on my necklace and just smile because I know I can do hard things!!! And now even with a smile :) I love the length and I chose the gold and love it!!!! Thank you for you business and the hard work you put in. I love your products and what you stand for! You are amazing!!

-Morgan Ballas, California


What can I say besides well pleased. At first, I purchased a custom piece from you with the word 'Fearless' on it for my little sister who was about to embark on her first college experience. That word became her anthem during one of our missions trips to Dominican Republic. I wanted her to have a constant reminder of what God created her to be. 

Then, I purchased a custom bar necklace of my own with the word "Overcomer". This word became the most important anthem because when I was on a missions trip to Africa, I ended up dying for a few minutes (literally) and when I was brought back, during my recovery my entire group did an encouragement circle and it was spoken over me that my name from God was Overcomer.. And I had just proved it true.

Then, if two wasn't enough, I bought a third. But this time, the spike ;) My best friend has been down a rocky road of self harm, victim of bullying, self hatred and finding God in the mix. Now, as a remarkable worship leader with proof of God's purposeful creation of who she is in every moment, her name from Him is warrior.. So I thought it suitable to give her a reminder of it to hang around her neck.

Not only have these necklaces held up, continue to look remarkable and get plenty of attention allowing for each of us to share our stories, they remain constant reminders of the power and spirit God put in each of us. I've been able to explain my name many times, share my story and encourage others by one piece of jewelry I never take off. 

I wouldn't hesitate to continue purchasing something that is made with Godly love, intention and passion by someone with an amazing heart who found a way to reach people in a venue many don't. All the way down to the card of encouragement that came with my piece that now sits in my bible. Thank you so much. 

-Rudee Maillet, California


I came across your page a couple months ago when I wanted a cute bar necklace. What I loved so much about your company is its' meaning and purpose. I love that it's inspirational and shows Christ's love. I recently got a bar necklace that reads "awake my soul." To me it means that I want to be on fire for God at all times as well as be a light for Him. When I received the necklace, I loved the packaging and card message that I got. I've worn the silver necklace everyday since and it is still in great condition (has not tarnished). I would recommend your jewelry to anyone and will buy again! I like supporting other sisters in Christ. Continue on being a light with your business and talent! God bless!

- Jackie Sepulveda, Arizona



Last May I bought the Survivor necklace piece for my aunt. To begin with, it was beautifully crafted and so dainty! It can be worn with everything. As well as how beautiful it was, I absolutely love it for many reasons. Even though I don't personally wear the necklace, it was for my aunt who was just going in for a double mastectomy. Her and I are very close and so I wanted to get her something that would lighten the situation. She was so incredibly blessed by it and amazed at how quick you were able to create the piece in such little time. I am seriously forever grateful for your work!

-Nadeen McPhetters, California