Mary's Call

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I wanted to create a collection that captured the moments in the Bible that truly altered the world. I found myself connecting moments with color and Altered was born. - Nichole Kirk, Founder

Sometimes God asks us to do big things that we may not feel ready to do. We may feel we are too tired, too sad, too unprepared. Mary had been distraught and weeping after discovering Jesus’ body was gone from the tomb, thinking someone had taken him. Soon, two angels in white appeared to her followed by Jesus himself, and he asks her to do a big thing... to go and tell the others that He had RISEN. She didn’t hesitate. She didn’t go take a rest from an emotional roller coaster. No, she got up and immediately ran after what Jesus had called her to do. Go and tell the good news, sister. Don’t wait a second longer.

18" gold plated brass chain

Stone:  Howlite

NOTE: Since these are natural stones there will be slight variations in color and markings. 

Artwork by Jenessa Wait