Peter Walks on Water

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I wanted to create a collection that captured the moments in the Bible that truly altered the world. I found myself connecting moments with color and Altered was born. - Nichole Kirk, Founder

God calls us to do bold, uncomfortable things. He doesn’t call us to a safe, comfortable life. He calls us to step forward in faith to show others what only He can do. Can you imagine being Peter when Jesus asked him to walk on the water to Him? It defied all sense, but Peter followed Jesus’ voice anyway. He took a few solid steps, but stumbled as fear and doubt began to creep in. Jesus showed Peter His grace by steadying him back to the boat. Jesus will always catch us if we fall- so do the scary thing. Run fast in faith. Step out of the boat, and He will carry you.

18" gold plated brass chain

Stone:  Amazon Stone

NOTE: Since these are natural stones there will be slight variations in color and markings. 

Artwork by Jenessa Wait