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Our pieces are meant to provoke emotion. The kind that swells in your heart and craves to be let out. They are meant to be story tellers about your past, your future, your testimony, a family member, about your dreams, whatever you want people to know about you. They are meant to be reminders of God's plan, of a precious moment in time, of a date that something extraordinary happened, even just a reminder that you are loved. They are meant to be given to a love one, your own heart, a stranger, a new life. 


They are letters to and from the heart. 


Because sometimes people just need a reminder that they are loved dearly, no matter what they are going through or who they have been. That they are worthy of love. That they are more beautiful than they have ever known. That there is forgiveness and a light at the end of the tunnel. That anything is possible, as long as you believe.


Our mission is to have God's light shine through our pieces and customers and spark conversation with strangers with the hope that somebody who did not know Jesus before that moment, can hear about Him and find His love.


So go, spread the love.