We believe in shining bright and loving boldly. We believe that something as simple as a delicate necklace can make a massive impact in the world. That our beautiful pieces can open doors for deep conversations that may not have been opened before. That when you hold one of our pieces in your hand, you feel it in your heart. That when you put it around your neck, you’re prepared to have the hard, vulnerable conversations because those are really the ones that matter most. We believe in being a light in this world that needs it so desperately.

Our mission is to have God’s light shine through our pieces and customers, sparking conversations with strangers with the hope that somebody who did not know Jesus before that moment, can hear about Him and find His love.

So go sister, the world needs your open heart and bright soul.


Not only have these necklaces held up, continue to look remarkable and get plenty of attention allowing for each of us to share our stories, they remain constant reminders of the power and spirit God put in each of us. I've been able to explain my name many times, share my story and encourage others by one piece of jewelry I never take off. I wouldn't hesitate to continue purchasing something that is made with Godly love, intention and passion by someone with an amazing heart who found a way to reach people in a venue many don't. All the way down to the card of encouragement that came with my piece that now sits in my bible. Thank you so much.

Rudee MailletCalifornia

During my lowest times, I would look back at scriptures and notes written in my notebook to help me regain focus, but it's not exactly practical to carry around and consult a notebook 24/7, so I bought my necklace! God uses it every day to remind me that I've been set free and daily decisions, great or small, need to be made based on that Truth rather than the lies that once enslaved me, looking toward Him and bringing Him glory through my life! PLUS, people ask me what my necklace means, and I get to tell them about freedom in Jesus!!! I mean, beautiful jewelry that helps me grow in Him and serves as an ice-breaker for sharing the Gospel? That's a win-win-win!

Jess ClarkMississippi