Our Story


Honestly, I never thought I’d be a “founder” of anything, but God had very different plans. He likes to do that- surprise us with His plans. There I was, newly graduated from college and about to work on the path to be a school counselor and He steps right in and shakes up my entire world. Who ever thought that girl that never wore jewelry would one day become a jewelry designer? That the girl that played all the sports and knew nothing about clothes and makeup would end up in the fashion and gift industry? I don’t get to share this story often, but I wanted to share it with you to let you know just how profound my beginning is and help you understand just why I am so passionate about our brand.

On May 6th, 2013 I ran a fundraiser for a sweet friend to go on a mission trip to India by selling fabric wrap bracelets with stamped copper circles. I had been making them as a hobby for only two months at the time and wanted to help her out so I listed them online and decide to give 100% of the proceeds to her. My business was tiny then and I was hoping to sell at least 10 or so to help her pay for supplies or anything. I was hoping to at least make a tiny dent in her mission goal. What happened next absolutely blew me away. Within 48 hours we had sold over $1000 in bracelets. Guys- $1000 to newly college graduated me who had probably $100 in my bank account at the time was a LOT of money. I don’t even think my bank account had ever HAD that much in it before. Well, I thought, maybe she just had a lot of people who really loved her and wanted to support her so they bought my bracelets to help. Definitely must be it.

The next day I drive to meet up with her to give her the money order. Handing over the check was amazing and terrifying to struggling new college graduate me, but I had this peace and this joy inside that was so unexplainable. I drove home with the biggest smile on my face. Now here is where it gets real guys. After I got home my husband and I went on a walk to get some fresh air and reflect on what had just happened. We were discussing how crazy and amazing it was that we got to be a part of an amazing gift when my phone went off. Back then the website I was selling on would make this “cha-ching” sound and show you what you sold. I would get SO excited about it and had to pull it out to see what I had sold. And there it was.

A single sale for the exact amount of the check from a random lady in Florida. No connection to my friend. No connection to me. There was no denying it then guys. God’s hand was in this all the way. He was writing the beginning of the amazing adventure I was about to embark on. And ever since then, I’ve been stepping out in faith and listening so closely for His whispers. You see, I’m not the brains behind this brand or what keeps it afloat. I am definitely a far second. God’s hand is woven throughout Dear Heart’s entire existence and it’s His vision that I chase and His approval that I seek. His words are written all over the wood under the paint in our store and His presence can be felt when you enter this space. People tell me all the time they feel Him here and that there is no denying it. He’s always nudging me to do uncomfortable things. Always whispering plans in my ear. And I listen because I know He’s got a reason behind every little thing, even if I can’t see it yet. 

So now that you’ve heard a piece of my story, I want to ask something of you. When you feel that nudge on your heart to do something uncomfortable, or maybe even a little crazy, will you act on it? Will you let your guard down and step out and do the scary thing? Because sister, I can tell you right now, there isn’t anything too big or too scary for our God. He’s writing your story- just let Him take the lead.

A little bit more about me...


I am a wife to the most amazing man who balances out my free spirit perfectly. We live in a small town in Texas where he coaches and molds young minds and I cheer him on. He is my biggest cheerleader as well. Things are a little slower here than the big city and I can see all of the stars at night. We are parents to the most amazing little girl and boy, Ellie and Kai. They light up my world brighter than I knew was possible. You never really know how much your own mother gave up for you until you experience motherhood. The selflessness and sacrifice that it requires is unreal, but the rewards are invaluable and so amazing. They have taught me so much. I have the most amazing mom and dad who instilled in me that I could be anything I wanted to be and to always follow my dreams. I'll never be able to thank them enough. My two sisters are my best friends and we love nerdy video games and laughing until we cry. I love extra foamy caramel macchiatos and believe dancing it all out in the kitchen is the best therapy. God has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined and I pray that I can do something to make His heart happy each and every day.