If Mother's Day Is Always A Let Down by Valerie Woerner

If Mother's Day Is Always A Let Down by Valerie Woerner
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Mother's Day. That day every year I like to flex my momma muscles and make sure everyone knows motherhood is hard and I'm doing a pretty good job at it. I would NEVER say these things out loud of course but deep down in my heart, that thought permeates the day. The harder motherhood is, the better I can feel about the job I'm doing even if I feel a little unsure the other 364 days of the year. 

The truth is though, the more I dwell on the hard things in motherhood, the more seeds of discontent get planted.
The more I blame my sweet little "heritages from the Lord" for my disheveled outfit, dirty hair, bags under my eyes and short temper, the more I forget the joys this role brings too.
So as Mother's Day approaches and the world wants us to climb up onto a pedestal of greatness created by layers and layers of rehashed hard moments of motherhood, this truth helps reshift my heart and help me enjoy the day.
Mother's Day isn't about us moms celebrating how great we are at handling a really tough job. It's a day for kids to celebrate their moms. It's a day for us to celebrate our own moms.
It's not a day to complain about how this is the one day we actually get to sleep in or don't have to cook. Or complain even more if on this day we DO have to wake up early or cook.
Mother's Day has the potential to wreck our hearts and steal our joy as expectations go unmet or it can be a chance to release our hearts to experience a joy that isn't set on making sure the world knows how great we are.
If we are tuned into the Father, we already know who we are. We are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:13), adopted daughters (Romans 8:15), forgiven and loved (Psalm 86:5) and more valuable than a flock of sparrows (Matthew 10:31).
Happy Mother's Day, Momma!

valerie woerner

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